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A Year of Collective Care: 2020 Reflections

We cannot overstate the gravity of trying to survive a pandemic in prisons that were already a public health crisis, under the watch of guards who do not value your life, in an institution with medical care that is either horrible or non-existent. But in all the darkness, we were amazed by the light—the courage, resilience, collective care, and fighting spirit of our currently incarcerated members.

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CCWP in the News

Cómo una cárcel de mujeres de California se convirtió en la que tuvo más contagios de coronavirus en EEUU / How One Women’s Prison in California Became an Epicenter for Covid-19 in the United States

Las sobrevivientes cuentan las condiciones a las que fueron sometidas y las secuelas que aún persisten incluso después de recuperarse. / In an interview with Univision News 14, the survivors describe how those who tested positive for the virus were punished and how the aftermath haunts them even after recovering.

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The Movement to Defund the Police Won’t Go Away When Biden Takes Office

Aminah Elster says CCWP is working to “wrap up our efforts to maintain communication with folks on the inside, and also fighting to make sure that they are not overlooked in this pandemic.” The group is growing their pen pal training program since there is currently no in-person visitation, continuing their “survival and release advocacy work,” and raising money in response to COVID to help currently and formerly incarcerated people with their necessities.

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Updates on Women Prisons

No End In Sight: America’s Enduring Reliance on Life Imprisonment

Before America’s era of mass incarceration took hold in the early 1970s, the number of individuals in prison was less than 200,000. Today, it’s 1.4 million; and more than 200,000 people are serving life sentences – one out of every seven in prison. More people are sentenced to life in prison in America than there were people in prison serving any sentence in 1970.

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