From January 3, 2024 to January 9, 2024, Judge Gonzalez-Rogers held a 5-day evidentiary hearing in California Coalition for Women Prisons v. Federal Bureau of Prisons. The plaintiffs in this case are seeking systemic policy changes and oversight to address the rampant sexual abuse and retaliation at FCI Dublin. We expect Judge Gonzalez-Rogers to issue a decision on the motion for preliminary injunction in the coming months.

The Dublin Prison Solidarity Coalition echoes the calls for immediate changes to:

  • end retaliation against people who report staff misconduct, including punitive placement in solitary confinement, transfers to other facilities, and cell and strip searches;
  • immediately remove staff who have substantiated claims of abuse against them;
  • ensure access to high-quality, community-based medical and mental healthcare for all people at FCI Dublin;
  • ensure access to counsel, including confidential legal calls and visits;
    support survivors’ requests for release and visas for noncitizen victims of crime; and
  • allow an audit, regular inspections and reports, and ongoing monitoring by a third-party organization.

Reflection from the legal team: Attorney Amaris Montes

“The BOP put on a number of witnesses, who all spoke around the same theme–insisting everything is fine now at FCI Dublin after some of the officers have been removed or criminally prosecuted, They blanketly denied any retaliation against those who spoke out about abuse. In response, 13 survivors inside Dublin gave  powerful testimony about the ongoing sexual abuse, harassment, and retaliation they continue to face, continuously emphasizing that this issue is systemic and is not solved be removal of some of the officers. Their testimony moved many in the courtroom to tears, and spoke truth to power despite the risk they all faced by testifying.”

Reflection from Annie: a member of the Dublin Prison Solidarity Coalition

“I followed the evidentiary hearing as a sexual abuse/retaliation survivor from FCI Dublin. I am humbled by the courage of the incarcerated women who bravely came forward into Court to testify. My heart ached knowing that they would be “punished” when they return into incarceration. The brilliant attorneys fighting so hard for change, all working with non-profits and/or pro-bono, are our heroes—they are the true David v. Goliath story. I was inside FCI Dublin when the BOP Task Force left in early 2022–they made promises of change and left us with a direct email to them for sending our concerns. We were optimistic until shortly after they left, BOP closed ranks and cut off all our communication with the Task Force members. There have been promises by BOP of change since the sexual assaults in the mid 1990’s, and still crimes and abuse continue within the Dublin walls. I have faith that Judge Gonzales Rogers will see through the mere promises over 30 years, and ensure there is finally accountable and measurable change to finally protect these women!”

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the survivors who testified at this hearing. We heard from many folks that it made a difference to know supporters were in the courtroom. We will be in touch about future actions to support survivors and keep the pressure on FCI Dublin.