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‘A living hell’: Inside US prisons during the COVID-19 pandemic

Featuring CCWP members, prisoners and their families describe the emotional, physical and financial toll of the pandemic. Restrictions have fluctuated during the various lockdowns implemented throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but in the 11 months since the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) first banned visitations across state prisons, Harris says she has seen the mental health of those around her steadily deteriorate.

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Cómo una cárcel de mujeres de California se convirtió en la que tuvo más contagios de coronavirus en EEUU / How One Women’s Prison in California Became an Epicenter for Covid-19 in the United States

Las sobrevivientes cuentan las condiciones a las que fueron sometidas y las secuelas que aún persisten incluso después de recuperarse. / In an interview with Univision News 14, the survivors describe how those who tested positive for the virus were punished and how the aftermath haunts them even after recovering.

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The Movement to Defund the Police Won’t Go Away When Biden Takes Office

Aminah Elster says CCWP is working to “wrap up our efforts to maintain communication with folks on the inside, and also fighting to make sure that they are not overlooked in this pandemic.” The group is growing their pen pal training program since there is currently no in-person visitation, continuing their “survival and release advocacy work,” and raising money in response to COVID to help currently and formerly incarcerated people with their necessities.

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Toward communities of care: Disability justice as a cornerstone of abolition

“What people don’t understand is that there’s no way to socially distance inside,” Kelly Savage-Rodriguez explains to me over the phone. Savage-Rodriguez is a member of the California Coalition for Women Prisoners, or CCWP, an organization currently involved with several campaigns for compassionate release and sentence commutations for elderly and immunocompromised prisoners who are especially vulnerable to COVID-19.

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Prisons Are Using the Pandemic to Impose Lockdowns

Featuring CCWP members. When New Jersey issued its stay at home order in response to the coronavirus pandemic, residents holed up in their homes and businesses shuttered. But for the thousands of residents whose home is behind bars, it was a different kind of “lockdown.”

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The Pandemic Hits Prisons

There are roughly 200,000 people living in prisons and jails across California. But lockups are considered powder kegs for infectious diseases such as the novel coronavirus. Our guest is Rosemary Dyer, who was just released from the California Institution for Women in Corona, in the state’s attempt to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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