Across the Walls – Prison Visiting Program

Our visiting program is at the core of all our work.  Visits guide our understanding of what support people inside women’s prisons need.  Our programs are constantly evolving in response to the insights of the people we visit and the changing conditions within the prisons and jails.

Our visiting program is the basis for the three main aspects of our work:

  • We monitor and challenge the abusive conditions inside the women’s prisons and jails, including grossly inadequate health care services, sexual and physical abuse, and overcrowding.
  • We fight for the release of women and transgender prisoners, with a focus on prisoners with Life Without Parole (LWOP) sentences; survivors of domestic violence; elder prisoners and youth.
  • We support women and transgender prisoners in their process of re-entering the community so they are able to survive, grow and become involved in the struggle for civil and human rights.  We advocate for resource development, offer skills and leadership training and build community.