Writing Warriors-Advocacy thru Correspondence

CCWP’s new Writing Warriors project is being initiated at this COVID moment when in-person visiting is impossible due to the pandemic. Writing Warriors opens up the possibility of being in contact with more people incarcerated at women’s prisons during this time when people are more isolated and stressed than ever.

The project will initiate correspondence with people who have expressed interest in CCWP either because they have written us directly or because they were referred by someone else that CCWP works with already. Writing Warriors volunteers will primarily communicate via JPAY email but can also correspond thru U.S. mail via the CCWP Oakland office address. Writing Warriors is a collective undertaking with others in CCWP to further our mission and programs working with people incarcerated in the women’s prisons. In this way it is different from a traditional prison pen pal program that connects people individually.

  • Writing Warriors aims to:
    * Establish supportive relationships with women, trans and GNC people at CCWF.
    *Provide limited forms of advocacy for people when possible based upon the information and methods that CCWP visiting teams use.
    *Be a vehicle for sharing written resources and materials and for promoting other forms of collaborative learning.
  • If you are interested in becoming involved with Writing Warriors please email info@womenprisoners.org