SB 1437 Discussion w/ Joanne Scheer @ Freedom & Movement Center
Jan 9 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Join CCWP and Joanne Scheer for a discussion of SB 1437, BESTT Practices Act, which changes CA’s felony murder law and will bring sentencing relief for a significant population of people in women’s prisons as well as many people in the men’s prisons.  Joanne is the mother of Tony Vigeant who was sentenced to LWOP under the felony murder rule.

Joanne will discuss:
  • How she came to be involved with the struggle against the felony murder law through her son’s case
  • The campaign that succeeded in getting SB 1437 signed into law in September 2018
  • Next steps for getting people convicted under felony murder resentenced