Writings from Inside, by Liz

Women Behind Bars
Women behind bars, look and listen up, there is more to living this life than being behind bars. We gotta go the extra mile to achieve a degree, of higher being, of living, of achieving. Don?t go for the hype, take my advice, don?t waste your life. Use the time to empower yourself, go to school, get your G.E.D., than get a vocational training completion, than when you get released you make a change in the way you live your life. So take my advice women behind bars, never give up, just listen up and empower yourselves, live your best lives.
Being Locked Up
Being locked up is nothing nice, it?s a living hell, that consumes you day and night. I?m at the mercy of the prison guards, who can make my life as miserable as they wish. I lived in a cell with seven other females. This is the worst part because there is never any peace and quiet and there?s always at least one or more bullies who are trying to run the cell-block, and take your stuff, and fight those willing to stand up for their self and stuff.
Women in prison are not nice, they act nice at first and then change up on you later.
In prison it?s so lonely because there?s no one to turn to, and as soon as you do you are labeled as a sucker, or a weak one. You always gotta be not caring, no feelings, no emotions or you?re soft.
But what is a woman? Is she hard and mean? Or is she soft and caring? Well being locked up has taught me a lesson or two, to never let your guard down and to always expect the unexpected.
Being locked up sucks?
So Close To Death
I?m far from the only one who is losing years, even decades of life wrongfully imprisoned. Dozens have already spent several decades incarcerated because the parole board won?t release them, some not wrongfully imprisoned, yet they will never see freedom.
I was prosecuted by a malicious prosecutor and found guilty by a confused Jury. However after living seven years in a living hell, no matter which prison I?m in, I?m under constant surveillance, stripped of any privacy, because of a court system that sacrifices accuracy in the name of efficiency.
I am at the mercy of prison guards and violent females. The California Commission on Fair Administration of Justice has held its final hearing recently about problems with the states death penalty, including the length of appeals, access to lawyers and wrongful convictions. Can it be fixed? Will it be fixed?
Why don?t we stand together and turn the hurt and pain around, because the system is broken, and only through uniting and empowering each other can we overcome this system and break these walls of injustice?
Fearless and unified together we stand
Come on let?s stand up and take hands
Put down the attitudes
And pick up your rights
We still have rights
We still have a voice
Through our voices we can make a change!