CCWP UPDATES: Saying Goodbye

CCWP UPDATES: Saying Goodbye

Three wonderful women worked
with CCWP for the past 6-9 months.
Christine Coggins, Nia Skyes and
Zoe Wigfall have been an indispensable
addition to the CCWP family
as full-time staff. Many of you have
probably received a letter or a
visit from them!

Their salaries were paid
through the JOBS NOW! SF
program, which provides Federal
stimulus funds for local businesses
to hire?benefi ting all hurt
by the recession. To date, more
than 1,000 employers are participating
in the program, and more
than 3,600 people are now employed
through JOBS NOW!

Unfortunately, this funding will
discontinue after September and they
will need to transition to other opportunities.
It would be a wonderful thing
for the funding to continue and we
support its continuation.
Zoe, Christine and Nia each
bring their own unique style and passion
to work. Being single mothers
themselves and having life experiences
that give them insight to the
struggles of our members inside, they
embraced the work of CCWP with a
sense of deep purpose and commitment.
Their caring and compassion
for those behind walls was an inspiration
to all our members and staff.

Working as Program Assistants,
Nia, Zoe and Christine answer almost
all of our correspondence with
members and others inside both the
men?s and women? prisons around
the country, visit people in the SF
County Jail, participate on visiting
teams to the prisons, bring wisdom
to community presentations and
learned many valuable skills both
administrative and interpersonal.

Zoe was moved to write about her
experience working with CCWP:
?I am Program Assistant for
CCWP. I have been with CCWP for
only a short time, since Feb.2010.
I have had my share of injustices
with the legal system and only
by God?s grace have I been delivered
from them. Once I got
myself together, my passion was
to help the next person, someone
who couldn?t fend for themselves
presently, preferably women
or women with children. I was
blessed to be given the best job
I?ve ever had, and I?ve had many
jobs. My visit is as important to
me as it is to you. When I leave I
feel warm inside because I share my
heart and am the voice for you on
the outside. It warms my heart and
makes me joyous inside when I can
meet your needs or requests. I make
it my priority to fulfi ll them because
of the love I have for you and I know
how it feels not to be able to do for
yourself. God has given me the gift
of service and I do it with pleasure.
God Bless you and much love.?