Dear community,

Please take one minute to sign this petition to stop the San Diego DA from re-trying Jane Dorotik on the same false evidence they used 21 years ago, and after she spent 20 years in prison. Then please share the petition with your friends, family & community and ask them to sign too. 



The re-prosecution of Jane Dorotik is not in the interest of justice and it will not promote public safety.  It is an enormous waste of public resources and an irresponsible use of prosecutorial discretion.  We urge D.A. Summer Stephan, the elected District Attorney of San Diego County, to stop the unjust and unfair pursuit of a second conviction of Jane Dorotik.

In 2001, Jane Dorotik was convicted of the murder of her husband, Robert.  She maintained her innocence from the moment she was arrested.  Twenty years later, an innocence project exposed numerous problems with the evidence presented against Jane at trial and the unfairness of the proceedings—including false and unreliable testimony by crime lab analysts. 

The San Diego District Attorney’s Office agreed in July 2020 that Jane was denied her right to a fair trial when she was prosecuted and convicted in 2001.  In the meantime, critical forensic and other evidence Jane needs to defend and exonerate herself has been destroyed or lost.  Witnesses’ memories have faded and, in some cases, have been altered altogether by the prosecution’s characterization of Jane  – a portrayal that has played out repeatedly on nationally aired “true crime” drama television shows.

Now 74 years old, Jane spent 20 years in prison fighting to prove her innocence.  She lost 20 years with her family and friends, her life savings, her career, her reputation in the community, and her freedom—all based on false forensic evidence that the San Diego District Attorney’s Office has previously admitted was improperly used in her first trial.

In prison, Jane dedicated herself to advocating for better conditions and to supporting people to survive.  Through her efforts, she personally helped countless incarcerated women.

The San Diego D.A.’s office is now seeking to retry Jane, using the very same evidence they have already conceded was faulty.

A preliminary hearing is now underway that is expected to last well over a month.  In this ongoing hearing, witnesses have misremembered or failed to recall critical facts.  Despite substantial evidence of wrongdoing at the crime lab, where all of the evidence in the case was examined, the prosecution is intent on forging ahead with a second trial.  Incredibly, half of the blood in the vial collected from Jane’s husband’s body during his autopsy is inexplicably missing; the whereabouts of that vial are unaccounted for during weeks at a time, even while evidence was being tested in the lab.

We urge D.A. Summer Stephan to do the right thing and put the nightmare Jane Dorotik has been living for the last 21 years to an end.  It is in the interest of justice to dismiss the charges against her.