Recently Commuted people who previously had Life Without Parole (LWOP) Sentences

The DROP LWOP Spring Rally on March 9, 2020 brought together an amazing group of people to demand an end to Life Without Parole (LWOP) sentencing.  People who had been formerly incarcerated with LWOP sentences, loved ones of those still suffering death by incarceration, and many other advocates and friends gathered on the steps of the Capitol to speak their truths about the reality of living the death penalty in slow motion. Collectively we demonstrated that we will never stand down on our demand to commute all 5,200+ people with LWOP sentences and eliminate this cruel, arbitrary and racist sentence. 

Former LWOPs at Rally

One of the most incredible aspects of the day were the many people present who had been commuted from LWOP sentences and were now free and advocating passionately for those they left behind inside prison.  They, together with loved ones and advocates, made visits to legislators throughout the day.  They presented their lived experience with LWOP to educate lawmakers about why it is another form of death by incarceration.  The ask was for lawmakers to support more commutations by the Governor and legislative changes to the California penal code.

Thanks to Silicon Valley De-Bug for putting together this video .